John Rowlands

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Imaging hematoxylin-and-eosin-stained cancerous histological sections with multicontrast nonlinear excitation fluorescence, second- and third-harmonic generation (THG) microscopy reveals cellular structures with extremely high image contrast. Absorption and fluorescence spectroscopy together with second hyperpolarizability measurements of the dyes shows(More)
One means of supporting software evolution is to adopt an architecture where the function of the software is defined through reconfiguring the flow of execution and parameters of pre-existing components. For such software it is desirable to maximise the reuse of assurance assets, and minimise re-verification effort in the presence of change. In this paper(More)
The adjusted nuclear data library ERALIBl is described in this paper. It is the first step in the process towards a unique data set which will be valid for all applications (core neutronics. shielding, fuel cycle) and for all types of fission reactor (thermal, epithermal. fast). It has been derived from a 1968 group application library based on JEF2.2 and a(More)
We considered the analysis of a study for Dorper, Red Maasai and crossbred lambs born over a period of 6 years at the Diani Estate, Kenya. The study was designed to compare survival and performance traits of genotypes with differing susceptibilities to helminthiasis. The available data include information on time to death and repeated measurements of body(More)
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