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This book is unique. Such a publishing event has never happened before and will never happen again. John Romer, historian, archaeologist and respected TV presenter has with this new book which has taken five years to write solved the mystery of the Great Pyramid. The Great Pyramid of Giza is the most ancient of the Wonders of the World, in its arrangements(More)
Aim. To develop a method and obtain proof-of-principle for immunolymphoscintigraphy for identification of metastatic sentinel nodes. Methods. We selected one of four tumour-specific antibodies against human breast cancer and investigated (1), in immune-deficient (nude) mice with xenograft human breast cancer expressing the antigen if specific binding of the(More)
Embryo transfer for dairy cattle in the United States has been used most extensively by Holstein-Friesian breeders, with a rapid increase since 1975. Brown Swiss, Jersey, and Red and White breeders also have reported use of embryo transfer recently. Estimated transmitting abilities for embryo donors are above average, although not outstanding, as are(More)
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