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We compared oral fluid testing to urine testing in subjects who were administered single doses of marijuana by smoked and oral routes. Oral fluid specimens were collected with the Intercept DOA Oral Specimen Collection Device, screened for THC with the Cannabinoids Intercept MICRO-PLATE Enzyme Immunoassay (EIA) utilizing a 1.0-ng/mL cutoff concentration,(More)
Twenty-four hip joints in 20 children with spastic cerebral palsy were assessed by standardised three-dimensional reconstructions from computed tomographic scans. All the hip joints showed a channel-like ebony deformity of the acetabulum along which the femoral bead had slid out, indicating a unidirectional instability. The channel was oriented along the(More)
An autopsied case of disseminated herpetic encephalitis in a previously healthy one-year-and-three-month-old child is reported. He had fever, repeated convulsive crises and alterations of consciousness which progressed into a coma, leading to death in eight days. The neuropathological picture was characterized by necrosis and inflammation in multiple foci(More)
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