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  • David Yermack, Yakov Amihud, +10 authors John Rigas
  • 2004
This paper studies perquisites of major company CEOs, focusing on personal use of company planes. For firms that have disclosed this managerial benefit, average shareholder returns under-perform market benchmarks by more than 4 percent annually, a severe gap far exceeding the costs of resources consumed. Around the date of the initial disclosure, firms'(More)
BPMJ is the leading international journal devoted to publishing articles that provide insight into the management and best practices of key business processes. It does this by staying at the leading edge of theoretical advances in the field, and illustrates the practical relevance of these through case studies and applied examples. The journal helps to(More)
Dual-specificity phosphatase MKP3 down-regulates mitogenic signaling through dephosphorylation of extracellular regulated kinase (ERK). Unlike a simple substrate-enzyme interaction, the noncatalytic, amino-terminal domain of MKP3 can bind efficiently to ERK, leading to activation of the phosphatase catalytic domain by as much as 100-fold toward exogenous(More)
A theoretical analysis of contemporary organizational deviance focusing on the events and actions of former Chief Executive Officers (CEO's); interpret and understand deviant behavior within organizations. Current corporate practices for governing the behavior of individuals within organizations will be discussed and compared with similar practices(More)
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