John Riddle

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Ethnobotany has led to the identification of novel pharmacological agents but many challenges to using ethnobotany as a research tool remain. In particular, the loss of traditional knowledge together with the advent of high-throughput screening has made ethnobotanical techniques laborious and potentially unnecessary. However, historical herbal texts provide(More)
To trace the history of a natural product and its use, it is necessary to identify to correct plant among around a half-million species. One must also know how and when harvest the plant and the morphology of location and extraction. Within the same species plant chemistry varies, depending upon climatic and soil conditions, stage of maturity and even(More)
In this paper, we consider multivariate interpolation with radial basis functions of finite smoothness. In particular, we show that interpolants by radial basis functions in ℝ with finite smoothness of even order converge to a polyharmonic spline interpolant as the scale parameter of the radial basis functions goes to zero, i.e., the radial basis functions(More)
History of Medicine following peer review. The definitive publisher-authenticated version 'gentle Purges corrected with hot Spices, whether they work or not, do vehemently provoke Venery': Menstrual Provocation and Procreation in Early Modern England' Social History of Medicine 25/1 Present in early modern medical literature of all kinds were compound(More)