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Cross-sections for the production of (181)Re, (182m)Re, (182g)Re, (183)Re, (184)Re, and (186)Re from proton bombardment of natural tungsten have been measured using the stacked foil technique for proton energies up to 17.6 MeV. Results are compared with the theoretical excitation functions as calculated by the EMPIRE II code (version 2.19) and experimental(More)
The neutron-induced fission cross section of 238 Pu was determined using the surrogate ratio method. The (n,f) cross section over an equivalent neutron energy range 5–20 MeV was deduced from inelastic α-induced fission reactions on 239 Pu, with 235 U(α, α f) and 236 U(α, α f) used as references. These reference reactions reflect 234 U(n,f) and 235 U(n,f)(More)
Utilizing (p,d) and (p,t) reactions to obtain (n, f) cross sections in uranium nuclei via the surrogate-ratio method The surrogate ratio method has been tested for (p, d) and (p, t) reactions on uranium nuclei. 236 U and 238 U targets were bombarded with 28-MeV protons and the light ion recoils and fission fragments were detected using the Silicon Telescope(More)
Short-lived isomers in fission fragments following bombardment of 45-MeV 6 Li on 232 Th were examined. Isomers in the A ∼ 95, 122, and 132 mass regions were observed. New isomeric decays were observed in 121 In [T 1/2 = 17(2) µs], 123 In (T 1/2 > ∼ 100 µs), and 125 Sb [T 1/2 = 25(4) µs]. These isomers are suggested to arise from ν(h 11/2 ⊗ d 3/2)7 − and ν(h(More)
1 The TRIUMF Nuclear Structure Program and TIGRESS 1 P.E. Garrett, A. Andreyev, R.A.E. Austin, G.C. Ball, D. Bandyopadhyay, J.A. Becker, 2 A.J. Boston, H.C. Boston, R.S. Chakrawarthy, R. Churchman, D. Cline, R.J. Cooper, 3 D. Cross, D. Dashdorj, G.A. Demand, M.R. Dimmock, T. Drake, P. Finlay, K. Gagnon, 4 A.T. Gallant, K.L. Green, A.N. Grint, G.F. Grinyer,(More)
A.N. Andreyev, S. Antalic, D. Ackermann, S. Franchoo, F. P. Heßberger, S. Hofmann, M. Huyse, I. Kojouharov, B. Kindler, P. Kuusiniemi, S. R. Lesher, B. Lommel, R. Mann, G. Münzenberg, K. Nishio, R.D. Page, J. Ressler, B. Streicher, B. Sulignano, P. Van Duppen, and D. Wiseman TRIUMF, 4004 Wesbrook Mall, Vancouver BC, Canada, V6T 2A3; Department of Nuclear(More)
Low-energy excited states of 208 Ra were investigated using the 182 W(30 Si, 4n) reaction at the Wright Nuclear Structure Laboratory of Yale University. Fusion evaporation recoils were selected using the gas-filled spectrometer SASSYER. Delayed γ rays, following isomeric decays, were detected at the focal plane of SASSYER with a small array of three clover(More)
We describe a diagnostic ion that enables rapid semiquantitative evaluation of the degree of oxygen contamination in the collision gases used in tandem mass spectrometers. Upon collision-induced dissociation (CID), the m/z 359 positive ion generated from the analgesic etoricoxib undergoes a facile loss of a methyl sulfone radical [(•)SO(2)(CH(3)); 79-Da] to(More)