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Global Metropolitan: Globalizing Cities in a Capitalist World
1. Introduction 2. Globalization and The City 3. From World City to Globalizing City 4. Globalizing Cities 5. Black Holes and Loose Connections in a Global Urban Hierarchy 6. Tensions in The Global
Globalization and the city
1. Introduction 2. Part I Going Global 3. The Global Discourse - A New Fantasy? 4. Globalization and the City Part II Economic Globalization and Urban Economies 5. A Globalized Economy with Uneven
Globalization, cities and the Summer Olympics
This study examines the relationship between the increasing globalization of the Summer Olympics and the effect on host cities. The impact of the Games on city structure, the competition to host the
Megalopolis 50 Years on: The Transformation of a City Region
This article examines Megalopolis 50 years after Gottmann’s seminal study of the most urbanized region of the US Eastern Seaboard. His study provides an invaluable datum point, and we use it as a
The New Metropolitan Reality in the US: Rethinking the Traditional Model
This paper critically evaluates the traditional metropolitan model of an urban core and a homogeneous suburban ring. Using place data from the US Bureau of the Census from 1980 to 2000, it examines
Reconstructing the Image of an Industrial City
Abstract There is increasing competition between cities to attract investment. Older industrial cities have a particularly difficult time. It is in this context that there is an attempt to rewrite
Cultural Globalization, Global English, and Geography Journals
In this paper we review the debate on cultural globalization and examine the rise of English as a form of global communication. The implications of these trends for the geographical community are
Urban Theory: A Critical Assessment
Introduction PART I: THEORIZING THE CITY IN TIME 1. Theorizing the Premodern City 2. Theorizing the Modern City 3. Theorizing the Postmodern City PART II: THEORIZING THE CITY IN SPACE 4. The City as