John Rendle-Short

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During the hot summer of 1948, 10 patients were admitted to the Babies' 1Ipspital in New York with heat prostration. No fewer than five of these children were cases of fibrocystic disease of the pancreas. Two further cases were discovered in subsequent summers. Reporting this interesting observation, Kessler and Andersen (1951) recorded that this special(More)
This paper reports the physical and cytogenetic findings in an eight-year-old severely mentally retarded female child with the following features: tetraphocomelia; weight, lenght, and head circumference below the third percentile; microcephaly with prominent frontal bones; hypertelorism; shallow orbits; prominent eyes; bilateral corneal opacities;(More)
Krasnogorski (1913), who was working with Pavlov in St. Petersburg, described his experiments on establishing conditioned reflexes in children. His methods were expanded by Mateer (1918) whose paper will be described later. No further relevant work on the subject was published until Pavlov's famous book on Conditioned Reflexes (Pavlov, 1927). This work is(More)