John Rees Jones

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Determining an accurate position for a submillimetre (submm) galaxy (SMG) is the crucial step that enables us to move from the basic properties of an SMG sample – source counts and 2-D clustering – to an assessment of their detailed, multi-wavelength properties, their contribution to the history of cosmic star formation and their links with present-day(More)
Liquid bridges are important in a number of industrial applications, such as the granulation of pharmaceuticals , pesticides, and the creation of detergents and fine chemicals. This paper concerns a mathematical study of static and dynamic liquid bridges. For the static case, a new analytical solution to the Young-Laplace equation is obtained, in which the(More)
Site-specific in-season corn (Zea mays L.) nitrogen (N) rate recommendations based on remote sensing can increase nitrogen use efficiency (NUE) but most approaches require the corn to be at the V8 growth stage. Success in estimating N needs during early vegetative growth has been limited due to low plant biomass and background interference. The objective of(More)
This paper presents the solution to the liquid bridge profile formed between three equally sized spherical primary particles. The particles are equally separated, with sphere centres located on the vertices of an equilateral triangle. Equations for the problem are derived and solved numerically for given constant mean curvature H0, contact angle α, and(More)
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