John Recchio

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Using a compact optically pumped silicon nanophotonic chip consisting of coupled silicon microrings, we generate photon pairs in multiple pairs of wavelengths around 1.55 μm. The wavelengths are tunable over several nanometers, demonstrating the capability to generate wavelength division multiplexed photon pairs at freely chosen telecommunications-band(More)
Many-core chip architectures are now feasible, but the power consumption of electrical networks-on-chip does not scale well. Silicon photonic NoCs (PNoCs) are more scalable and power efficient, but floorplan optimization is challenging. Prior work optimizes PNoC floorplans through simultaneous place and route, but does not address cross-layer effects that(More)
Photonic network-on-chip (PNoC) is a promising candidate to replace traditional electrical NoC in manycore systems that require substantial bandwidths. The photonic links in the PNoC comprise laser sources, optical ring resonators, passive waveguides, and photodetectors. Reliable link operation requires laser sources and ring resonators to have matching(More)
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