John Raynor

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The explosion of the size of the universe of known protein sequences has stimulated two complementary approaches to structural mapping of these sequences: theoretical structure prediction and experimental determination by structural genomics (SG). In this work, we assess the accuracy of structure prediction by two automated template-based structure(More)
The ESR spectra of bovine Co(II) carbonic anhydrase at 7 K at low and high pH and of the iodide derivative have been analyzed. The spectrum of the low pH form shows axial symmetry whilst that at high pH is rhombically distorted. This anisotropy is still more accentuated in the iodide derivative. The high pH (hydroxyl) form and the iodide derivative are(More)
Electron-nuclear double-resonance (ENDOR) spectra of protons coupled to molybdenum(V) in reduced xanthine oxidase samples have been recorded. Under appropriate conditions these protons may be studied without interference from protons coupled to reduced iron-sulfur centers. Spectra have been obtained for the molybdenum(V) species known as Rapid, Slow,(More)
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