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Data flow visual language systems allow users to graphically create a block diagram of their applications and interactively control input, output, and system variables. Khoros is an integrated software development environment for information processing and visualization. It is particularly attractive for image processing because of its rich collection of(More)
Data flow visual language systems are now being used to provide sophisticated environments for the visualization of scientific data. These systems are evolving rapidly and are beginning to encompass related technologies such as distributed computing and user interface development systems. This paper presents a hierarchical classification of the components(More)
A key component in a new high-speed prototype network, called the Multiple Crossbar Network (MCN) being developed at Los Alamos National Laboratory, is a crossbar switching core and its controller. This switching core allows for up to 32 (800 Mbit/second) connections to pass through it simultaneously. The motivation for this network is to allow(More)
Several VLSI artificial neural network architectures have been proposed and developed as reported in [1,2]. Most of the implemented architectures are based on associative memory models and are implemented using analog circuits. Most of the other proposed architectures are meant to be generic in their capabilities of implementing neural models. The following(More)
XVision is a software system for image processing research, education and applications. Xyvision utilizes the X Window System Version 11, which provides a network transparent windowing environment and software portability. Xyvision is designed to facilitate:<list><item>data and algorithm exchange of new computer vision/image processing techniques,(More)