John Rankin

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  • Austin W B Hilton, King Fred, John Rankin, Douglas William, Henry Burgess, Antkiewicz
  • 2016
This thesis examines the British monarchy in the eighteenth century and how the philosophy of Frederick, Prince of Wales, helped to shape that monarchy. The early Hanoverians were seen with contempt by many of their subjects, often being ridiculed as ignorant outsiders. They helped matters none by their indifference to Britain, its people, or its culture.(More)
  • Heather R Geiter, Brian Maxson, John Rankin, William Burgess
  • 2016
Imagery and Objectification: A Study of Early Modern Queenship by Heather Geiter Queen Anne Boleyn (~1507-1536) failed to meet social norms during her time as Queen Consort to Henry VIII (1491-1548). By tracing concepts of queenship through the works of Chrétien de Troyes, Andreas Capellanus, Thomas Malory, and Juan Luis Vives this thesis demonstrates how(More)
The Enigma code was one of the most dangerous and effective weapons the Germans wielded at the outbreak of the Second World War. The Enigma machine was capable of encrypting radio messages that seemed virtually unbreakable. In fact, there were 158,900, 000,000,000 possible combinations in any given message transmitted. On the eve of the war's outbreak, the(More)
Web and print exist as two solitudes: printed web pages often disappoint and converting print documents into good web pages is hard. A wiki makes it easy for authors to create rich web content, but is little help if readers wish to print the results. Wikipublisher lets readers turn wiki pages or page collections into print, with a quality better than most(More)
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