John Rankin

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We propose a new computer graphics model to render naturalistic human hair. In this model, a simplified progressive polyline simulation was used for fast processing. The problems of inter-hair collisions and hair-head collisions were avoided by certain assumptions, and the bend in the hair was provided by angle-dependent pseudo-force equations. Several(More)
Web pages and print documents exist as two solitudes: information created as a Web page may print poorly; information created as a print document may translate into an unappealing Web page. The Wikipublisher system lets authors create content on-line first, as Web pages, and lets readers turn individual pages or page collections into print documents. It(More)
Imagery and Objectification: A Study of Early Modern Queenship by Heather Geiter Queen Anne Boleyn (~1507-1536) failed to meet social norms during her time as Queen Consort to Henry VIII (1491-1548). By tracing concepts of queenship through the works of Chrétien de Troyes, Andreas Capellanus, Thomas Malory, and Juan Luis Vives this thesis demonstrates how(More)
Web and print exist as two solitudes: printed web pages often disappoint and converting print documents into good web pages is hard. A wiki makes it easy for authors to create rich web content, but is little help if readers wish to print the results. Wikipublisher lets readers turn wiki pages or page collections into print, with a quality better than most(More)
This paper presents the detailed, standard treatment of a simple, gauge invariant action for Weyl and Weyl-like Cartan geometries outlined in a previous paper. In addition to the familiar scalar curvature squared and Maxwell terms, the action chosen contains the logarithmic derivative of the scalar curvature combined with the intrinsic four vector (Weyl(More)
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