John Rajasekaran

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A Mobile Ad hoc NETwork (MANET) is a network that expedites nodes to communicate each other in the absence of a fixed infrastructure. In recent years research issues for securing MANET is burgeoning as it finds use in variety of applications. Security of communication in this type of network is paramount for secure transmission. Routing attacks has drawn(More)
BACKGROUND Most antibodies recognize conformational or discontinuous epitopes that have a specific 3-dimensional shape; however, determination of discontinuous B-cell epitopes is a major challenge in bioscience. Moreover, the current methods for identifying peptide epitopes often involve laborious, high-cost peptide screening programs. Here, we present a(More)
The possibility of using waste plastic pyrolysis oil blends in a thermally insulated diesel engine has been experimentally investigated. Initially, the standard diesel fuel was tested in the engine, as base experiment for comparison. Then the engine was thermally insulated by coating the piston crown exhaust surface with Yttrium Stabilized Zirconium (YSZ).(More)
A nonlinear control design approach is presented in this paper for a challenging application problem of ensuring robust performance of an air-breathing engine operating at supersonic speed. The primary objective of control design is to ensure that the engine produces the required thrust that tracks the commanded thrust as closely as possible by appropriate(More)
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