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Study of Austro-Hungarian intelligence during WWI reveals much about the nature of cryptology and how it can be effectively used in war. Expand
Defeating the Sixth Column: Intelligence and Strategy in the War on Islamist Terrorism
Abstract For the first time since the late 1940s, Washington is attempting a comprehensive analysis of the role and performance of the American intelligence system. In rethinking intelligence, itExpand
The Terrorist Perspectives Project: Strategic and Operational Views of Al Qaida and Associated Movements
This timely book synthesizes the perspectives of Osama bin Laden and his fellow Salafi jihadists on how to wage war on their many enemies. A team of experts from the Institute for Defense AnalysesExpand
Isonzo: The Forgotten Sacrifice of the Great War
Preface Introduction The Road to War Italia irredenta A Hopeless Struggle 1915 "The Hour of the Triumph of the Finest Values" The Battle of Monte San Michele Materielschlacht: Assembly-Line War "TheExpand
Unholy Terror: Bosnia, Al-Qa'ida, and the Rise of Global Jihad
During the 1980's the U.S. Government supported Al-Quaida in the fight against Russian forces in Afghanistan by supplying training, weapons, and support. During the next decade, Al-Quaida moved toExpand
Disaster on the Drina: The Austro-Hungarian Army in Serbia, 1914
Serbia’s defeat of the Austro-Hungarian invasion of 1914 counts among the major upset victories of the last century. This article, which examines Austro-Hungarian tactical performance in Serbia inExpand
Balkan Breakthrough: The Battle of Dobro Pole 1918
of the occupied population, might offer a different perspective on the German-Romanian relationship. Their cooperation did lead to the blurring of lines between occupier and occupied. Their relationsExpand
Defeating Balkan Insurgency: The Austro-Hungarian Army in Bosnia-Hercegovina, 1878-82
The occupation and pacification of Bosnia-Hercegovina by Austro-Hungarian forces between 1878 and 1882 constitutes a politico-military rarity: a major colonial-style campaign waged in Europe. YetExpand