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LOGML: Log Markup Language for Web Usage Mining
We propose two new XML applications, XGMML and LOGML to help us in this task. Expand
Web Usage Mining — Languages and Algorithms
In this paper, we present two XML languages and a web data mining application which utilizes them to extract complex structural information. Expand
A GUI for Parallel Code Generation
Developing applications for parallel architectures is a very complicated and arduous task even for expert programmers. There are several issues that must be considered, i.e., the number of CPU’sExpand
LOGML - XML Language for Web Usage Mining
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Evolving Graph Representation and Visualization
This paper introduces the Evolving Graph Markup Language (EGML), an XML application for representing evolving graphs and related results, and a software tool for visualization of evolving graphs. Expand
Describing Structure and Semantics of Graphs Using an RDF Vocabulary
We present the RDF Graph Modeling Language (RGML), a W3C RDF vocabulary to describe graph structures, including semantic information associated with a graph. Expand
Semantics of Links and Document Structure Discovery
This paper presents a novel algorithm to discover the hierarchical document structure by classifying the links between the document pages and infer the hierarchical structure of the document. Expand
Interfaces and Applications of Graph
This paper discusses two applications of graph packages. Some of these packages were developed at Rensselaer 6, 10, 2]; others were developed elsewhere 5, 8]. By properly interfacing with otherExpand