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Shoulder Muscle Firing Patterns During the Windmill Softball Pitch
The purpose of this study was to describe the activity of eight shoulder muscles during the windmill fast-pitch softball throw. Ten collegiate female pitchers were an alyzed with intramuscularExpand
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Electromyography of superficial and deep neck muscles during isometric, voluntary, and reflex contractions.
Increasingly complex models of the neck neuromusculature need detailed muscle and kinematic data for proper validation. The goal of this study was to measure the electromyographic activity ofExpand
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Comparative electromyographic analysis of shoulder muscles during planar motions: anterior glenohumeral instability versus normal.
This study compared the electromyographic activity of rotator cuff and scapular muscles between subjects with anterior instability and subjects with normal shoulders. Thirty-eight patients wereExpand
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Electromyographic analysis of shoulder function during the volleyball serve and spike.
The purpose of this study was to describe the electromyographic (EMG) pattern and relative intensities of 8 shoulder muscles during the volleyball serve and spike in 15 professional orExpand
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Validation of walkway tribometers: establishing a reference standard.
Tribometers are mechanical devices used to measure walkway coefficient of friction (COF) for the purpose of assessing slip risk. The purpose of this study was to define a tribometer referenceExpand
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Head/neck kinematic response of human subjects in low-speed rear-end collisions
Limited data exist which quantify the kinematic response of the human head and cervical spine in low-speed rear-end automobile collisions. The objectives of this study were to quantify humanExpand
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The effect of subject awareness and prior slip experience on tribometer-based predictions of slip probability.
Prior knowledge of potentially slippery conditions has been shown to alter normal human gait in slip and fall experiments. We sought to quantify how the empirical relationship between slipExpand
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Dynamic stability of the elbow: electromyographic analysis of the flexor pronator group and the extensor group in pitchers with valgus instability.
The medical collateral ligament is a common site of injury in baseball pitchers, causing substantial morbidity and loss of pitching time. Twenty-six skilled baseball pitchers with medial collateralExpand
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The influence of heel height on utilized coefficient of friction during walking.
Wearing high heel shoes has been associated with an increased potential for slips and falls. The association between wearing high heels and the increased potential for slipping suggests that theExpand
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Repeatability and bias of two walkway safety tribometers
Falls resulting from slips on walkway surfaces are a significant source of injury in society. To measure friction between the floor and the shoe, various types of tribometers and ASTM standards haveExpand
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