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A critical reevaluation of the role of acoustic pressure in source localization by fish.
The notion that the otolithic organs in the fish ear function as accelerometers has been accepted for over 50 years. By direct excitation, they are capable of sensing the acoustic particleExpand
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An Overview of Autonomous Underwater Vehicle Systems and Sensors at Georgia Tech
As the ocean attracts great attention on environmental issues and resources as well as scientific and military tasks, the need for the use of underwater vehicle systems has become more apparent.Expand
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Georgia Tech Research Institute (GTRI) has developed the Yellowfin, a small man-portable Unmanned Underwater Vehicle (UUV). The mission for Yellowfin is to conduct autonomous collaborativeExpand
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The Yellowfin Autonomous Underwater Vehicle Acoustic Communication Design and Testing
This paper documents the design of the Yellowfin Unmanned Underwater Vehicle with an emphasis on the acoustic communication system, including the hardware and software. Expand
On the scattering of sound from a submerged thin walled cylinder coated with a compliant layer
There is currently an abundance of both mathematical and finite‐element models of the scattering of underwater sound from cylindrical bodies treated with compliant coatings. However, there is aExpand
Effects of unknown covariances in the state estimation fusion equation
This paper explores the effect of unknown covariances on the track association and fusion algorithms. For legacy sensors that produce tracks without covariance information, a priori covariances areExpand
New underwater acoustic tank facility at Georgia Tech
A large underwater acoustic tank facility located in the Woodruff School of Mechanical Engineering at Georgia Tech has recently been completed. The facility includes a rectangular concrete water tankExpand
Radiation from small acoustic sources located close to a submerged, compliantly coated cylindrical shell
Measurements were made of the radiation from individual, small acoustic sources located close to a submerged, compliantly coated, thin cylindrical shell in the 1 5, the field is simple, and is wellExpand