John R. Windle

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Computerized physician order entry (CPOE) is a disruptive technology but holds great promise for reducing medical errors, improving workflow and in the long run, producing cost-savings. However, many studies have reported significant physician resistance to implementing CPOE. In this manuscript we present a two-prong strategy for quick implementation of(More)
Computerized physician order entry (POE) is a disruptive technology that holds great promise to reduce medical errors and improve workflow. However, Studies have reported significant physician resistance. This presentation will describe a two-pronged strategy to build broad support for POE: To build a secure, open source, browser-based platform to support(More)
In this paper, we present a method for incorporating temporal smoothing (TS) into the estimate of epicardial potentials from body surface potential data. Our algorithm employs a different spatial smoothing parameter, chosen by the composite residual error and smoothing operator criteria, at each time step in the sequence. The total spatial smoothing term is(More)
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