John R. Wallis

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This preamble explains why a paper on precipitation probabilities at the 2-hour and 24-hour time periods for the State of Washington, USA, was solicited for a special symposium honouring Dr. McCulloch’s contributions to hydrology. Indeed, the specific subject of the paper has no particular connection with Dr. McCulloch’s technical specialties or the thrust(More)
where 20 is the 9900th largest value of the statistic. Thresholds were estimated for false alarm probabilities PF = k = 2. 3. 4. 5. 6 for each repetition of the experiment. Histograms of these threshold values are shown in Figs. 3 and 4, for PF = lo-' and Pi-= l o p 4. Since the underlying distribution of L (.) is unknown, one measure of the accuracy of the(More)
Throughout the more than four decades of the existence of numerical reservoir simulation, computer hardware has been a strong driving force in the evolution of the modeling capabilities. Advances in the architecture of computing platforms invariably stimulate advances in simulation technology. The principle underutilized hardware resource available today is(More)
  • Valentin Maintainer, Todorov, Source Hosking, J R Wallis, References Neykov, Van Gelder +1 other
  • 2010
Index 132 4 Appalachia Appalachia Annual maximum streamflow in central Appalachia Description The data on annual maximum streamflow at 104 gaging stations in the central Appalachia region of the United States contains the sample L-moments ratios (L-CV, L-skewness and L-kurtosis) as used by Hosking and Wallis (1997) to illustrate regional freqency analysis(More)
traspecific variation in the response of Taxodium distichum seedlings to salinity. Forest Ecology and Management 70:203-214.fects of salinity on baldcypress seedlings: physiological responses and their relation to salinity tolerance. impacts to tropical and temperate forest landscapes.logical consequences of a computer model of forest growth. High precision(More)
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