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The research reported here is part of an ongoing, longitudinal study of career maturation and progression involving a national sample of information systems (1/S) professionals. The present study describes the job characteristic preferences and self-described personal attributes and work traits (dependent variables) of persons entering 1/S careers with(More)
Nearly eight years ago, a longitudinal study was undertaken, involving 1018 graduating I/S students from 38 colleges and universities. After these graduates entered their I/S careers, follow-up surveys were conducted at 22 and 46 month intervals. This paper has three purposes: to synthesize the previously published findings into an integrated coherent(More)
This follow-up study contrasted the pre-graduation and post-employment job characteristic preferences vs. realities of a sample of 290 I/S professionals. The preference-reality job characteristic discrepancies, job and career attitudes at follow-up, and two moderating variables (I/S salary level and length of I/S employment) became the independent variables(More)
INTRODUCTION Steal syndrome is a potentially grave complication of upper extremity hemoaccess (HA) in patients with renal failure. To determine the incidence and risk factors for steal in these patients at the St. Boniface Hospital, Winnipeg, a tertiary care centre for vascular surgery and dialysis, we reviewed data from patients requiring hemodialysis(More)
BACKGROUND Perioperative delirium is common in high-risk surgery and is associated with age, education, preoperative cognitive functioning, pre-existing medical conditions, and postoperative complications. We investigated these factors as well as lifestyle and demographic variables by using cognitive measures that were more sensitive than those used in(More)
BACKGROUND Optimizing perioperative mechanical ventilation remains a significant clinical challenge. Experimental models indicate that "noisy" or variable ventilation (VV)--return of physiologic variability to respiratory rate and tidal volume--improves lung function compared with monotonous control mode ventilation (CV). VV was compared with CV in patients(More)
This study describes the self-perceptions and job preferences of 938 students majoring in information systems at 37 colleges and universities just prior to their graduation. Scores on a specially-devised Personal Characteristics Inventory (25 items) and Job Preference Inventory (20 items) were factor analyzed as a data reduction technique and treated as(More)
A post-employment followup survey of I/S professionals was used to assess the characteristics of the respondents' present jobs and their career and job attitudes. Present job characteristics were compared to the job preferences expressed by the respondents prior to graduation. Significant preference-reality mean score differences were found for 15 of the 20(More)