John R. Smith

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This paper considers the person verification problem in modern surveillance and video retrieval systems. The problem is to identify whether a pair of face or human body images is about the same person, even if the person is not seen before. Traditional methods usually look for a distance (or similarity) measure between images (e.g., by metric learning(More)
<i>This paper describes the Onion technique, a special indexing structure for linear optimization queries. Linear optimization queries ask for top-N records subject to the maximization or minimization of linearly weighted sum of record attribute values. Such query appears in many applications employing linear models and is an effective way to summarize(More)
In this paper we propose a novel method for multimedia semantic indexing using model vectors. Model vectors provide a semantic signature for multimedia documents by capturing the detection of concepts broadly across a lexicon using a set of independent binary classifiers. While recent techniques have been developed for detecting simple generic concepts such(More)
Content delivery over the Internet needs to address both the multimedia nature of the content and the capabilities of the diverse client platforms the content is being delivered to. We present a system that adapts multimedia Web documents to optimally match the capabilities of the client device requesting it. This system has two key components: (1) A(More)
Attribute-based representation has shown great promises for visual recognition due to its intuitive interpretation and cross-category generalization property. However, human efforts are usually involved in the attribute designing process, making the representation costly to obtain. In this paper, we propose a novel formulation to automatically design(More)
information in the form of images, graphics, animations, and videos is published on the Web at an incredible rate. However, cataloging it exceeds the capabilities of current text-based Web search engines. WebSeek provides a complete system that collects visual information from the Web by automated agents, then catalogs and indexes it for fast search and(More)