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a r t i c l e i n f o Keywords: Celebrity presenter characteristics Hook versus linear conceptualization of characteristics Persuasion and dissuasion This study validates Rossiter and Percy's (1987) hook theory of presenter characteristics, for celebrity presenters. Firstly, by employing a product-alone control group, the study demonstrates that some(More)
This article provides a new, C-OAR-SE-based, contrastive measure that distinguishes " brand love " from " brand liking. " The new measure is tested in an empirical study conducted among German university students about brands of products that they buy in four diverse product categories. From a consumer perspective, the incidence of consumers who have a(More)
Are those who are familiar with scientific research on consumer behavior better able to make predictions about phenomena in this field? Predictions were made for 105 hypotheses from 20 empirical studies selected from Journal of Consumer Research. A total of 1,736 predictions were obtained from 16 academics, 12 practitioners, and 43 high school students: The(More)
Book Reviews This review discusses Percy, Rossiter and Elliott's textbook Strategic Advertising Management. It comments first on the characteristics of the text before discussing its strengths and weaknesses. Designed for advanced students of marketing communications or advertising, this text is well-written and the chapters are thoughtfully structured. I(More)
Different people have different likings and therefore they prefer different lighting patterns. Most of the people prefer the Soft lighting pattern as it relaxes the mind and gives a soothing effect. Lighting pattern has a very significant impact on the minds of the people. If it matches with the attitude of the customer, then he feels very comfortable in(More)
AIMS Pathologists are under increasing pressure to accurately subclassify sarcomas, yet neuropathologists have limited collective experience with rare sarcoma types such as synovial sarcoma. We reviewed 9 synovial sarcomas affecting peripheral nerve diagnosed by neuropathologists and explored the morphologic and immunohistochemical differences between these(More)