John R Raper

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The r6le of specific sexual hormones in the sexual reaction of two hetero-thallic species of Achlya has been described in earlier papers of this series.' Four specific substances were postulated, two secreted by the 9, bringing about specific reactions in the e, and two secreted by the c, inducing specific responses in the 9. On the basis of evidence(More)
An analysis of equilibria and dynamics of the means, variances, and covariances of female mating preference for a quantitative male secondary sexual character following a Gaussian model is presented. For many combinations of viability and sexual selection parameters the evolving Gaussian distribution of phenotypes can diverge. The results on the cases of(More)
Models in which general forms of preferential mating have been superimposed on the framework of the symmetric heterozygosity selection regime have been examined previously with respect to the existence and local stability of a central polymorphic equilibrium. The results are now extended to produce the limiting form of the stability conditions in two cases:(More)
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