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Nuisance and odor control continue to be major challenges to livestock and poultry producers across the country. Dust and flies are the two most frequently mentioned nuisances after odors. Research and testing have devised systems that are capable of achieving reduced frequency and intensity of odors, flies, and dust; however, these systems are typically(More)
Large swine production facilities have become controversial additions to the agricultural landscape as their numbers and sizes have increased. In addition to being larger enterprises, these units have involved greater specialization, the influx of outside capital, and the employment of labor without extensive investment in the enterprise. Major complaints(More)
The work of Julius Sachs (10) published in 1860, and in particular his discussion of the results, served to introduce two concepts into plant physiology, that of minimal, optimal, and maximal temperatures, and that of the grand period of seedling growth. Each of these phenomena has received the attention of numerous workers since that time but there have(More)
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