John R. McDonnell

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This paper presents a new approach to genetic algorithm based machine learning. We use genetic algorithms augmented with a case-based memory of past problem solving attempts to obtain better performance over time on sets of similar problems. Rather than starting anew on each problem, we periodically inject a genetic algorithm's population with appropriate(More)
The neurocognitive processing of environmental sounds and linguistic stimuli shares common semantic resources and can lead to the activation of motor programs for the generation of the passively heard sound or speech. We investigated the extent to which the cognition of environmental sounds, like that of language, relies on symbolic mental representations(More)
This work addresses a decision support system that can be used for effectively re-tasking TACAIR assets under a variety of constraints. Analysis of the common operational picture provides augmented situational awareness. Automatic risk analysis keeps the user aware of current and planned risk levels to blue force assets. Options for reacting to changes in(More)
An important trend in current enterprise application design is to use enterprise application frameworks such as .Net and J2EE for developing scalable, reliable, and secure enterprise applications. We chose the J2EE framework for these reasons and, in particular, for the J2EE framework's open standards and open source availability of J2EE application(More)