John R Manson

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A chemical model (constructed in the ORCHESTRA modeling framework) of an organic soil horizon was used to describe soil solution data (10 cm depth) and assess if seasonal variations in soil solution dissolved organic carbon (DOC) could be explained by purely abiotic (geochemical controls) mechanisms or whether factors related to biological activity are(More)
Maxwell is credited as the first to invoke the assumption that an impinging gas beam scatters from a surface with a direct contribution exhibiting little change in state and a trapping-desorption fraction that desorbs in equilibrium [J. C. Maxwell, Phil. Trans. R. Soc. London 170, 231 (1879)]. Here a classical mechanical scattering theory is developed to(More)
A theoretical study of energy and momentum accommodation coefficients and reduced force coefficients for molecular gases exchanging energy with surfaces has been carried out. The theoretical model uses classical mechanics for describing translational and rotational motions while internal molecular vibrational modes are treated quantum mechanically.(More)
Scanning tunneling microscopy measurements across isolated straight step edges on a Cu~111! surface were carried out for biases between 100 mV and 5 V. In addition to the well known surface state oscillations, and at lower sample bias than the onset of the two-dimensional surface image state, a sharply defined linear protrusion, was observed at the top of(More)
A new quantum-theoretical derivation of the elastic and inelastic scattering probability of He atoms from a metal surface, where the energy and momentum exchange with the phonon gas can occur only through the mediation of the surface free-electron density, shows that the Debye-Waller exponent is directly proportional to the electron-phonon mass coupling(More)
The gas transfer velocity (K(L)) and related gas transfer coefficient (k(2) = K(L)A/V, with A, area and V, volume) at the air-water interface are critical parameters in all gas flux studies such as green house gas emission, whole stream metabolism or industrial processes. So far, there is no theoretical model able to provide accurate estimation of gas(More)
Energy resolved helium atom scattering results for the multiple excitation of the perpendicular vibrations ~S modes! of a krypton monolayer adsorbed on Pt~111! are presented for a wide range of incident angles. These measurements, which were obtained for incident helium atom energies much greater than the fundamental S-mode energy, are modeled within a(More)