John R. Lombardo

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MVA-BN-PRO (BN ImmunoTherapeutics) is a candidate immunotherapy product for the treatment of prostate cancer. It encodes 2 tumor-associated antigens, prostate-specific antigen (PSA), and prostatic acid phosphatase (PAP), and is derived from the highly attenuated modified vaccinia Ankara (MVA) virus stock known as MVA-BN. Past work has shown that the(More)
Humanization and modification of the Fc region of anti-human CD3 mAbs have greatly expanded their potential use in chronic T cell mediated diseases. However, low levels of cytokine release and immunogenicity may still impact a chronic dosing strategy. We investigated the use of an Fc-modified murine chimeric anti-mouse CD3 (N297A) in the chronic(More)
MVA-BN®-HER2 is a new candidate immunotherapy designed for the treatment of HER-2-positive breast cancer. Here, we demonstrate that a single treatment with MVA-BN®-HER2 exerts potent anti-tumor efficacy in a murine model of experimental pulmonary metastasis. This anti-tumor efficacy occurred despite a strong tumor-mediated immunosuppressive environment(More)
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