John R. Lakey

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Genetically obese, goldthioglucose-injected, and control mice were compared for strength of hunger motivation as assessed by their performance on the following tasks: taste reactivity, readiness to eat, food-directed activity, and passive avoidance. On the basis of these tests, it appears that genetically obese mice have greater strength of hunger(More)
The alcohol-preferring (P) and alcohol-nonpreferring (NP) lines of female Wistar rats were compared for the course of infection with the rodent blood parasite Tranosoma lewisi, behavioral laterality biases and general activity, and cerebral hemisphere measurements of weight, length and height Significant differences between the lines were obtained for both(More)
Hypothalamic damage was induced in age-matched male and female albino mice by goldthioglucose injection, and their food consumption and body weight were compared over the following 60-day period. Sex differences in food consumption were also investigated as a function of palatability of food. Results show no significant sex differences in food consumption,(More)
  • John R. Lakey
  • The Journal of the Acoustical Society of America
  • 1976
Psychometric functions were obtained for the interaural conditions NoSo and NoS•r in both forward and backward masking using masks of different durations. In addition, data were collected for the Sm, S•r, and So conditions without an external mask. The slope parameter k and the signal level required for 76% correct detection were compu,tcd with a(More)
The basic experimental question in each of three experiments was whether exposure to acoustic stimulation in acquisition of an FR chain would increase -persistence in the subsequent extinction of that response. Other factors manipulated in the experiments were (a) the manner of introduction of the tone stimulus (gradual increase in intensity or terminal(More)
OBJECTIVE After congestive heart failure (CHF), lung endothelial permeability responses to a number of perturbations, including acute barotrauma, angiotensin II, and thapsigargin are blunted. Our hypothesis was that similar attenuation of permeability responses occurs in peripheral vascular beds after CHF. We compared peripheral microvascular permeability(More)