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We propose visual memes, or frequently reposted short video segments, for tracking large-scale video remix in social media. Visual memes are extracted by novel and highly scalable detection algorithms that we develop, with over 96% precision and 80% recall. We monitor real-world events on YouTube, and we model interactions using a graph model over memes,(More)
We enable highly improved performance of deformable model (snake) segmentation of a known type of object (human bladder) with unclear edges in a cluttered domain (abdominal CT scans). This is accomplished by learning an objective function from ground-truth contours in test images , using a nonparametric estimator of the distributions of chosen image(More)
Video key frame extraction is one of the most important research problems for video summarization, indexing, and retrieval. For a variety of applications such as ubiquitous media access and video streaming, the temporal boundaries between video key frames are required for synchronizing visual content with audio. In this article, we define temporal video(More)