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We explore the meanings of the terms 'struc-ture', 'behaviour', and, especially, 'function' in engineering practice. Computers provide great assistance in calculation tasks in engineering practice, but they also have great potential for helping with reasoning tasks. However, realising this vision requires precision in representing engineering knowledge, in(More)
The problem of abduction can be characterized as nding the best explanation of a set of data. In this paper we focus on one type of abduction in which the best explanation is the most plausible combination of hypotheses that explains all the data. We then present several computational complexity results demonstrating that this type of abduction is(More)
The problem of finding a best explanation of a set of data has been a topic of much interest in Artificial Intelligence. In this paper we present an approach to this problem by hypothesis assembly. We present this approach formally so that we can examine the time complexity and correctness of the algorithms. We then examine a system implemented using this(More)