John R. Jordan

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Although previous research has shown that depth perception is weak for isoluminant stereograms, the possibility remains that color plays an important role in stereopsis when luminance variations are present. To examine this possibility, we measured the relative contribution of chromatic and luminance cues in solving the correspondence problem for ambiguous(More)
In 1994, the American Psychological Association and the Society for Psychotherapy Research convened a Core Battery Conference to develop a set of criteria for the selection of a universal core battery that could be used as a common outcome tool across all outcome studies. The Treatment Outcome Package (TOP) is a behavioral health assessment and outcome(More)
  • John R Jordan, Jordan, John R, Debra L Wohl, Peter Smallwood, Virginia Richmond
  • 2014
Properties of a watershed regulate the amount of suspended particulate matter (SPM) in a stream. The present study examined relationships between stonn-related SPM and impervious area and tree cover in the suburban watershed of Little Westham Creek, Richmond, Virginia during Summer and early Fall, 1999. SPM concentration, SPM discharge, and turbidity due(More)
Balsis, Steve and Jeffrey A Cully. "Comparing depression diagnostic symptoms across younger and older adults. Beck, Aaron T., et al. "Cognitive therapy for suicidal older adults." Handbook of behavioral and cognitive therapies with older adults. Eaton, William W., et al. "Asthma and suicidal ideation with and without suicide attempts among adults in the(More)
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