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We report a study of sexual function in outpatient men with major depressive disorder (n = 42), compared with healthy control men (n = 37) and a clinic sample complaining of erectile dysfunction (n = 13). A principal-components factor analysis of the Brief Sexual Function Questionnaire confirmed differences in the clinical dimensions of sexual(More)
The use of the Monte Carlo method in radiative heat transfer is reviewed. The review covers surface-surface, enclosure, and participating media problems. Discussion is included of research on the fundamentals of the method and on applications to surface-surface interchange in enclosures, exchange between surfaces with roughness characteristics,(More)
Two studies examined the effects of word orientation and word imageability in a visual half-field procedure. The studies involved a lexical decision task in which items were presented in either a horizontal or vertical orientation randomly intermixed in Experiment 1 and blocked in Experiment 2. Overall, a RVF advantage resulted with horizontal items, yet no(More)
Problem solving is an essential function of human cognition. To build intelligent systems that are capable of assisting engineers and tutoring students, we need to develop an information processing model and identify the skills used in engineering problem solving. This thesis describes the Integrated Problem Solving Architecture (IPSA) that combines(More)
Although depressed individuals commonly report decreased libido, it was not known if such changes are accompanied by neurophysiological alterations. Preliminary studies suggest that some depressed men may manifest diminished nocturnal penile tumescence (NPT), an objective measure of erectile capacity. We report NPT findings in 34 male outpatients with major(More)
243 it, or including that which we, 2c cycles before, deleted from it, until the (2*_I)st combination, which corresponds to the empty set plus element fc. Proof of (1). Since the binary representation of 2k~1 is a 1 bit followed by (fc — 1) zeros, the fcth element is included on cycle 2*_1. The fcth element will remain until the binary number 11 followed by(More)
This paper presents an optimization methodology for designing radiant enclosures containing specularly-reflecting surfaces. The optimization process works by making intelligent perturbations to the enclosure geometry at each design iteration using specialized numerical algorithms. This procedure requires far less time than the forward ''trial-and-error''(More)
This article presents an optimization methodology for finding the heater settings that provide spatially uniform transient heating in manufacturing processes involving radiant heating. Equations governing the transient temperature and temperature sensitivity distributions over the product are first derived using an infinitesimal-area technique and then(More)
Traditionally, radiant enclosures have been designed using a forward " trial-and-error " methodology. Recently, however, inverse and optimization methodologies have been applied to design radiant enclosures. Both of these methodologies solve the design problem faster, and the quality of the solutions is usually better than those obtained through the forward(More)