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The central pathological feature of human kidney disease that leads to kidney failure is the accumulation of extracellular matrix in glomeruli. Overexpression of transforming growth factor-beta (TGF-beta) underlies the accumulation of pathological matrix in experimental glomerulonephritis. Administration of an antibody raised against TGF-beta to(More)
Studies of the mutagenic action required for specific chemicals to produce benign or malignant tumours suggest that in mouse skin at least two genetic events occur before carcinoma formation. The isolation of an activated form of the c-rasH gene from skin papillomas has provided evidence that this gene may be a target for the first mutation, which could(More)
We have isolated cDNA clones coding for the human homologue of the neuronal cell adhesion molecule L1. The nucleotide sequence of the cDNA clones and the deduced primary amino acid sequence of the carboxy terminal portion of the human L1 are homologous to the corresponding sequences of mouse L1 and rat NILE glycoprotein, with an especially high sequences(More)
OBJECTIVE The aim of this scientific study was to assess epidermal micrografts for formation at the dermal-epidermal (DE) junction, cellular outgrowth, and growth factor secretion. Epidermal harvesting is an autologous option that removes only the superficial epidermal layer of the skin, considerably limiting donor site damage and scarring. Use of epidermal(More)
The effects of the plant growth substances indoleacetic acid (IAA) and fusicoccin on the transmembrane potential of Avena coleoptile cells (at 27-29 C) were studied. Fusicoccin caused hyperpolarization of the membrane potential which started after a lag of less than 20 seconds, and which on average reached -49 mv at an external K(+) concentration of 1 mm(More)
OBJECTIVE A new epidermal harvesting tool (CelluTome; Kinetic Concepts, Inc, San Antonio, Texas) created epidermal micrografts with minimal donor site damage, increased expansion ratios, and did not require the use of an operating room. The tool, which applies both heat and suction concurrently to normal skin, was used to produce epidermal micrografts that(More)
We work with the £|-term for spheres and the stable Moore space, given by the A-algebra at odd primes. Writing W(n) = A(2n + 1)/A(2n-1) and M(0) = H (S° Up e'), we construct compatible maps/ " ■ W(n)-» M(0) <8> A and prove the Metastability Theorem: in homology / " induces an isomorphism for o < 2(p2 — \)(s — 2) + pqn — 2p — 2 where a = stem degree, s =(More)
A study has been made of the effects of the inhibitors carbonylcyanide m-chlorophenylhydrazone (CCCP), 3-(3,4-dichlorophenyl)-1,1-dimethyl urea (DCMU), and of anoxia on the light-sensitive membrane potential of Vallisneria leaf cells. The present results are compared with the known effects of these inhibitors on ion transport and photosynthesis (Prins 1974(More)