John R. Griffiths

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Cell growth (accumulation of mass) needs to be coordinated with metabolic processes that are required for the synthesis of macromolecules. The PI3-kinase/Akt signaling pathway induces cell growth via activation of complex 1 of the target of rapamycin (TORC1). Here we show that Akt-dependent lipogenesis requires mTORC1 activity. Furthermore, nuclear(More)
The on- and off-transient (i.e. phase II) responses of pulmonary oxygen uptake (V(O(2))) to moderate-intensity exercise (i.e. below the lactate threshold, theta;(L)) in humans has been shown to conform to both mono-exponentiality and 'on-off' symmetry, consistent with a system manifesting linear control dynamics. However above theta;(L) the V(O(2)) kinetics(More)
The nuclear-encoded Krebs cycle enzymes, fumarate hydratase (FH) and succinate dehydrogenase (SDHB, -C and -D), act as tumour suppressors. Germline mutations in FH predispose individuals to leiomyomas and renal cell cancer (HLRCC), whereas mutations in SDH cause paragangliomas and phaeochromocytomas (HPGL). In this study, we have shown that FH-deficient(More)
Vascular and angiogenic processes provide an important target for novel cancer therapeutics. Dynamic contrast-enhanced magnetic resonance imaging is being used increasingly to noninvasively monitor the action of these therapeutics in early-stage clinical trials. This publication reports the outcome of a workshop that considered the methodology and design of(More)
1. In the non-steady state of moderate intensity exercise, pulmonary O2 uptake (Vp,O2) is temporally dissociated from muscle O2 consumption (Vm,O2) due to the influence of the intervening venous blood volume and the contribution of body O2 stores to ATP synthesis. A monoexponential model of Vp,O2 without a delay term, therefore, implies an obligatory(More)
Proton spectroscopy can noninvasively provide useful information on brain tumor type and grade. Short- (30 ms) and long- (136 ms) echo time (TE) (1)H spectra were acquired from normal white matter (NWM), meningiomas, grade II astrocytomas, anaplastic astrocytomas, glioblastomas, and metastases. Very low myo-Inositol ([mI]) and creatine ([Cr]) were(More)
Protein kinase B (PKB/Akt) has been shown to play a role in protection from apoptosis, cell proliferation and cell growth. It is also involved in mediating the effects of insulin, such as lipogenesis, glucose uptake and conversion of glucose into fatty acids and cholesterol. Sterol-regulatory element binding proteins (SREBPs) are the major transcription(More)
1. A prior bout of high-intensity square-wave exercise can increase the temporal adaptation of pulmonary oxygen uptake (.V(O2)) to a subsequent bout of high-intensity exercise. The mechanisms controlling this adaptation, however, are poorly understood. 2. We therefore determined the dynamics of intramuscular [phosphocreatine] ([PCr]) simultaneously with(More)
For more than half a century it has been generally believed that cancer cells are more acidic than normal cells. This dogma arose from the studies of Warburg and co-workers (Warburg, 1930) who showed that tumour cells preferentially convert glucose and other substrates to lactic acid, even under aerobic conditions. Since lactic acid has a pK of 3.7 it(More)
Currently, diagnosis and management of disorders involving nerves are generally undertaken without images of the nerves themselves. The authors evaluated whether direct nerve images obtained using the new technique of magnetic resonance (MR) neurography could be used to make clinically important diagnostic distinctions that cannot be readily accomplished(More)