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Health care is a basic service essential in any effort to combat poverty, and is often subsidized with public funds to help achieve that aim. This paper examines public spending on curative health care in several African countries and finds that this spending favours mostly the better-off rather than the poor. It concludes that this targeting problem cannot(More)
Naturally occurring estrogen-like molecules in plants (phytoestrogens), present via soy, in animal diets are known to alter brain morphology and reproductive endocrine parameters. This study characterized dietary phytoestrogens' effect on retinal thickness in male and female Long-Evans rats. Experiment 1a and 1b: upon arrival (50 day-old) animals received(More)
The purpose of this research is to develop an obstacle avoidance system for use on small, fixed-wing Uninhabited Aerial Vehicles (UAVs). In order to detect and avoid obstacles, computer based vision algorithms will be implemented with an automatic flight control system. Images of obstacles are captured using forward facing, externally mounted cameras.(More)
Academic freedom as a concept has developed over centuries and continues to evolve in the court system. Public school teachers, while they have protections under Fair Dismissal laws in most states, must navigate how these laws apply in questions of academic freedom. At issue in this study are the questions of the legal history of academic freedom, the(More)
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