John R. Davidson

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The human pathogen Chlamydia trachomatis exists as multiple serovariants that have distinct organotropisms for different tissue sites. Culture and epidemiologic data have demonstrated that serovar G is more prevalent, while serovar E is less prevalent, for rectal isolates from men having sex with men (MSM). The relative prevalence of these serovars is the(More)
We present the jump-start simultaneous alignment and tree construction using hidden Markov models (SATCHMO-JS) web server for simultaneous estimation of protein multiple sequence alignments (MSAs) and phylogenetic trees. The server takes as input a set of sequences in FASTA format, and outputs a phylogenetic tree and MSA; these can be viewed online or(More)
The management of tracheo-oesophageal fistulae at Christchurch from 1968-1982 has been reviewed. Thirty-one cases have been diagnosed with 26 undergoing surgery. There has been an overall mortality of 48% but there was a trend towards improved survival figures. Other congenital anomalies were present in 56%. Oesophageal stenosis occurred in four of the(More)
The backbone bond lengths, bond angles, and planarity of a protein are influenced by the backbone conformation (varphi,Psi), but no tool exists to explore these relationships, leaving this area as a reservoir of untapped information about protein structure and function. The Protein Geometry Database (PGD) enables biologists to easily and flexibly query(More)
Wound treatment practices of the Aztecs are discussed. The use of concentrated maguey sap (Agave ssp.) was widely dispersed and has persisted in folk medicine. A possible reason may be that it is effective. Laboratory analysis of maguey syrup indicates that its utilization as a remedy by ancient and modern Mesoamericans could contribute to the healing(More)