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Initiatives to improve the quality of teaching and learning ABSTRACT This paper reviews recent literature relating to quality of teaching and learning processes within schools in low income countries illustrated with analyses of specific initiatives to improve quality. The paper focuses on three key areas of meeting diverse learners' needs, trends in(More)
New applications of biomaterials often require advanced structures containing synthetic and natural components that are tuned to provide properties unique to a specific application. We discuss how structural characteristics of biomaterials, especially hydrophilic ones, can be used in conjunction with non-ideal thermodynamics to develop advanced medical(More)
  • J Clegg
  • 2008
BACKGROUND Recently, the frequency of audit inspections of health services for people with intellectual disability (ID) in the UK has increased, from occasional inquiries to a systematic audit of all services. From 2008, a process of continuous audit 'surveillance' of specialist health services is to be introduced. Similar regimes of inspection are in place(More)
The linear force-free field of a plasma in between spherical shells is found allowing for inhomogeneous boundary conditions. A three-dimensional solution is found by analysis and used as a benchmark to test a solution in terms of an expansion of eigenfunctions where the coefficients are determined by a new method. Alternative methods are also applied in the(More)
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