John R. Cary

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A software package, dxhdf5, for importing HDF5 data into OpenDX is discussed. HDF5 is a hierarchical, self-describing data format that is rapidly becoming a standard for storing large, portable data sets, such as those generated through high-performance computing. OpenDX, formerly IBM Data Explorer, is a visualization package for examining data of any(More)
Magnetic fusion is a long-term solution for producing electrical power for the world, and the large thermonuclear international device (ITER) being constructed will produce net energy and a path to fusion energy provided the computer modeling is accurate. To effectively address the requirements of the high-end fusion simulation community, application(More)
A new frequency-domain electromagnetic algorithm is developed for simulating curved interfaces between anisotropic dielectrics embedded in a Yee mesh with second-order error in resonant frequencies. The algorithm is systematically derived using the finite integration formulation of Maxwell's equations on the Yee mesh. Second-order convergence of the error(More)