John Purser

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The analysis of fish movement as an indicator of fish behaviour plays an important role in aquaculture research. Currently observations are carried out manually using video recordings. In this paper we describe a tracking system which can automatically detect and track two fish in a video sequence in a small aquaculture tank. The system is based on the(More)
There are two types of behaviour by which an animal can use spatial memory in order to exploit food availability: win-stay (lose-shift) and win-shift (lose-stay). This study aimed to determine which strategy was used by rainbow trout fish. To test whether fish were using win-shift or win-stay, the fish were given three consecutive morning feedings or(More)
The effects on group feed intake and growth performance of changing feeding frequency simultaneously with seawater transfer of Atlantic salmon Salmo salar were investigated. Two feeding regimes of one feed per day (1F) and eight feeds per day (8F) were compared for groups of Atlantic salmon in freshwater. Following seawater transfer groups were either fed(More)
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