John Pumford

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The Desired Sensation Level (DSL) Method was revised to support hearing instrument fitting for infants, young children, and adults who use modern hearing instrument technologies, including multichannel compression, expansion, and multimemory capability. The aims of this revision are to maintain aspects of the previous versions of the DSL Method that have(More)
A discussion of the protocols used particularly in the clinical application of the Desired Sensation Level (DSL) Method is presented in this chapter. In the first section, the measurement and application of acoustic transforms is described in terms of their importance in the assessment phase of the amplification fitting process. Specifically, the(More)
The goal in fitting a hearing instrument has always been to provide audibility and comfort for important environmental sounds, especially conversational speech, while ensuring that loud sounds are not uncomfortable. With the overwhelming inundation of new technology, sometimes it is easy to lose track that this is, always has been, and always will be, the(More)
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