John Preston

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The 2013 MediaEval Retrieving Diverse Social Images Task looked to tackling the problem of search result diversification of Flickr results sets formed from queries about geographic places and landmarks. In this paper we describe our approach of using a min-max similarity diversifier coupled with pre-filters and a reranker. We also demonstrate a number of(More)
BACKGROUND Minimising participant non-response in postal surveys helps to maximise the generalisability of the inferences made from the data collected. The aim of this study was to examine the effect of questionnaire length, personalisation and reminder type on postal survey response rate and quality and to compare the cost-effectiveness of the alternative(More)
There is a wide array of online photographic content that is not geotagged. Algorithms for efficient and accurate geographical estimation of an image are needed to geolocate these photos. This paper presents a general model for using both textual metadata and visual features of photos to automatically place them on a world map.
Analysis of reverberation measurements in the Straits of Sicily shows high intensity, discrete, scattered returns 10-20 dB above background reverberation. These returns are due to scattering from mud volcanoes. The reverberation from the mud volcanoes at ranges of 15-22 km is reasonably consistent over these spatial scales (i.e., kilometers) and temporal(More)
Improving infrastructure for walking and cycling is increasingly recommended as a means to promote physical activity, prevent obesity, and reduce traffic congestion and carbon emissions. However, limited evidence from intervention studies exists to support this approach. Drawing on classic epidemiological methods, psychological and ecological models of(More)
INTRODUCTION Improving infrastructure to support walking and cycling is often regarded as fundamental to encouraging their widespread uptake. However, there is little evidence that specific provision of this kind has led to a significant increase in walking or cycling in practice, let alone wider impacts such as changes in overall physical activity or(More)
An active sonar system is used to image wide areas of the continental shelf environment by long-range echo sounding at low frequency. The bistatic system, deployed in the STRATAFORM area south of Long Island in April-May of 2001, imaged a large number of prominent clutter events over ranges spanning tens of kilometers in near real time. Roughly 3000(More)
Native porcine calcitonin from Armour is known to contain two components. It is shown that these can be separated by cation-exchange chromatography in 8 M urea. The technique of [3H]methyl exchange on the methionine residue was used to prepare each of these in a tritiated form. The reduced components formed by demethylation were found to readily reoxidize(More)
In September 2010 a long-range acoustic communication (LRAC10) experiment was carried out in deep water off the Southern California Coast. The experiment involved two mobile components: (1) a source towed slowly at a speed of 2-3 knots at ∼75-m depth and (2) a horizontal line array towed at 3.5 knots at a depth of ∼200 m. Phase-coherent communication(More)