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Sexual cannibalism and mate choice
Sexual cannibalism, where a female kills and consumes a courting male, represents an extreme form of sexual conflict and has been proposed as a mechanism of mate choice. We evaluate the evidence forExpand
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Large body size for winning and large swords for winning quickly in swordtail males, Xiphophorus helleri
Contestants can either assess their own resource-holding potential relative to their opponent (mutual assessment) or rely solely on the assessment of their own fighting ability (self-assessment). ToExpand
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Self-assessment by males during energetically costly contests over precopula females in amphipods
In animal contests, individuals can either engage in mutual assessment of both their own and their opponent's resource-holding potential (RHP) and adjust their behaviour according to estimatedExpand
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The effects of morphology and substrate diameter on climbing and locomotor performance in male spiders
Summary 1. Spiders are the most sexually size dimorphic terrestrial animals and the evolution of this dimorphism is controversial. Patterns of sexual size dimorphism (SSD) in spiders have beenExpand
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Functional relations between locomotor performance traits in spiders and implications for evolutionary hypotheses
BackgroundLocomotor performance in ecologically relevant activities is often linked to individual fitness. Recent controversy over evolution of extreme sexual size dimorphism (SSD) in spiders centresExpand
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Activity patterns of Queensland fruit flies (Bactrocera tryoni) are affected by both mass‐rearing and sterilization
Mass‐reared sterile tephritid flies released in sterile insect technique (SIT) programmes exhibit behaviour, physiology and longevity that often differ from their wild counterparts. In the presentExpand
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Assessments and decisions in Metellina segmentata (Araneae: Metidae): evidence of a pheromone involved in mate guarding
Assessments and decision-making underlying the initiation of mate guarding in a common web-building spider, Metellina segmentata, are examined in a series of field and laboratory studies. Adult malesExpand
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Whole-organism performance and repeatability of locomotion on inclines in spiders
Burst speed, a common metric of locomotor performance, is typically measured on horizontal surfaces. Studies of locomotor performance in spiders have examined vertical and horizontal locomotion, butExpand
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The influence of prey size and female reproductive state on the courtship of the autumn spider, Metellina segmentata: a field experiment
. Factors affecting courtship and mating behaviour in the common European orb-weaving autumn spider, Metellina segmentata, were examined in a field experiment. Males of this species wait on the edgeExpand
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