John Pratt

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  • Luigi Guiso, Monica Paiella, Chris Carroll, Pierre Andrè Chiappori, Christian Gollier, Michaelis Haliassos +5 others
  • 2001
We use household survey data to construct a direct measure of absolute risk aversion based on the maximum price a consumer is willing to pay to enter a lottery. We relate this measure to consumers' endowment and attributes and to measures of background risk. We …nd that risk aversion is a decreasing function of endowment-thus rejecting CARA preferences-but(More)
Working papers are in draft form. This working paper is distributed for purposes of comment and discussion only. It may not be reproduced without permission of the copyright holder. Copies of working papers are available from the author. Abstract. Noncooperative games are examined from the point of view of an outside observer who believes that the players(More)
Human mesenchymal stromal cells (hMSC) can be used as a drug delivery vehicle for the treatment of GBM. However, tracking the migration and distribution of these transplanted cells is necessary to interpret therapeutic efficacy. We compared three labeling techniques for their ability to track the migration of transplanted hMSC in an orthotopic mouse(More)
This is the fi rst of a two-part paper on penal exceptionalism in Scandinavia — that is, low rates of imprisonment and humane prison conditions. Part I examines the roots of this exceptionalism in Finland, Norway and Sweden, arguing that it emerges from the cultures of equality that existed in these countries which were then embedded in their social fabrics(More)
The High Integrity GPS program seeks to provide enhanced navigation performance by combining conventional GPS with a communications and ranging broadcast from the Iridium Ò Communications System. Through clock and message aiding, it would enable existing GPS receivers to acquire and track in more challenging environments. As is the case for standard GPS,(More)
  • John Pratt, M Charles, Edmund A Spencer Swenson, Major, Jacob Gunther, R Rees Fullmer +3 others
  • 2009
The use of small satellites to measure the native electric field of the earth has historically presented many problems as a result of the generally modest pointing capabilities of small satellites. In spite of this, the cost of small satellites makes them ideal for just such scientific missions. This thesis details many of the constraints of electric field(More)
Introduction Every day we face a multitude of risks. Some we have experienced before; some we have not. Some we have contemplated; others have never crossed our mind. In this essay, we define four types of risk based on these two dimensions: whether or not they have occurred and whether or not we have contemplated them. These four classes of risks are shown(More)
  • Adam Brandenburger, Scott Borg, Amanda Friedenberg, Rena Henderson, Konrad Gra-Biszewski, Mike Moldoveanu +4 others
  • 2007
We revisit Kuhn's classic theorem on mixed and behavior strategies in games. We frame Kuhn's work in terms of two questions in decision theory: What is the relationship between global and local assessment of uncertainty? What is the relationship between global and local optimality of strategies? This note is a homage to Kuhn's classic theorem on the(More)