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Pressure monitoring systems influence the contour of the displayed wave-forms and, on occasion, can introduce significant artifact in the pressure traces. It is important to understand the technical details of invasive pressure monitoring to interpret better the information presented. Careful observation of the arterial pressure waveform can provide(More)
Ascending aortic blood pressure and flow were successfully measured shortly after sternotomy in 16 patients undergoing coronary artery bypass graft surgery. Total haemodynamic power in the aorta was 953.9(444.7) mJ.s-1 (mean (SD], of which 11.65% was pulsatile. Quadrature components accounted for 50.8% of the pulsatile power. The mean (SD) term of the input(More)
Memory systems are critical to system responsivenessand operating costs. New memory technologies like PCM, STT-MRAM, RRAM are poised to provide an intermediatememory layer between DRAM and flash to better serve the needs of capacity, latency hungry datacenter applications. To drive their efficient deployment, it is imperative to make complex architectural(More)
Power optimization and power control are challenging issues for server computer systems. To obtain power optimization in an enterprise server, one needs to observe temporal behavior of workloads, and how they contribute to relative variations in power drawn by different server components. This depth of analysis helps to validate and quantify various(More)
Blood pressure and flow in the ascending aorta were measured in 16 patients undergoing coronary artery bypass grafting. The analog records were digitized and the data used to compute total hemodynamic power and aortic input impedance, which may be considered to be direct indices of cardiac performance and the state of the cardiovascular system. Various(More)
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