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  • Key Points, Deepa Ramchandran, Ushma D Upadhyay, Lauren Necochea, Mpa Edited, Ward Rinehart Design +36 others
  • 2007
New contraceptive implants are becoming available to family planning programs around the world—the one-rod system Implanon®, the two-rod system Jadelle®, and in some countries Sino-Implant (II)®, also two rods. By 2008 Norplant®, the six-capsule implant system will no longer be available. Like Norplant, the new implants are highly effective at preventing(More)
BACKGROUND Simple ligation of the vas with suture material and excision of a small vas segment is believed to be the most common vasectomy occlusion technique performed in low-resource settings. Ligation and excision (LE) is associated with a risk of occlusion and contraceptive failure which can be reduced by performing fascial interposition (FI) along with(More)
  • Adrienne Kols, Ma, Robert Lande Research, Seth Rosenblatt, Mph, Jean Ahlborg +32 others
  • 2008
Vasectomy has advantages for both couples and programs. It is simpler and more cost-effective than female sterilization. It offers men convenient, effective contraception that they can use instead of or along with condoms— and a way to share responsibility for family planning. Men and their partners need the facts. Vasectomy is often the victim of rumors(More)
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