John Pickering

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Reproductive phenologies reflect the interaction between the mating system of a taxon and the local environment. Ant colonies reproduce and disperse via the flights of winged alates. Few data exist on the reproductive phenologies of ant assemblages. Here we analyze the reproductive phenologies of 81 common ant species from 23,182 individuals collected over(More)
Case-control studies have shown right hemisphere specialization in the production of intonation in speech. We examined spontaneous prosody in audiotapes of interviews with a 77-year-old right-handed woman recorded 6 months before and 6 weeks after she suffered a stroke affecting the right frontotemporo-parietal regions and the right basal ganglia.(More)
We question whether classical experimentation is adequate for real progress in landscape or regional ecology. One cannot do classical experimentation unless one can replicate the treatment. There is conflict between the need to replicate and the need to study processes at appropriately large scales. Because of the difficulties in doing controlled field(More)
Demyelinization was regularly conspicuous in the white matter of the rostral portions of the brains of 6 monkeys sacrificed 14 to 22 months after exposure of the ocular regions to 850 r.e.p. of 14 mev. neutron radiation and it was not present in the brain of a monkey 2 months after radiation under identical conditions; or in those of 5 non-radiated animals(More)
The lifetime outcome for individuals diagnosed with affective disorders is generally more favorable than for those diagnosed with a schizophrenic disorder. We determined if a similar differential outcome could be detected among 139 patients hospitalized on the admissions unit of a state psychiatric facility between 1998 and 2001, and diagnosed with a(More)
This article describes the organization and outcomes of a Rural Health Outreach Initiative (RHOI) designed to increase collaboration between the medical education and health care delivery sectors to improve the quality of health care delivery and health outcomes in rural communities. Two inter-related partnership strategies were utilized in rural(More)
American Entomologist • Summer 2013 Outbreaks of native herbivorous insect species are often spectacular and extensive, and persist for a short term in forest ecosystems (Wallner 1987). Such outbreaks can be either cyclical, when they occur at regular time intervals, or acyclical, when they occur at irregular intervals (Wallner 1987). Forest insects known(More)
A key problem for crowd-sourcing systems is motivating contributions from participants and ensuring the quality of these contributions. Games have been suggested as a motivational approach to encourage contribution, but attracting participation through game play rather than scientific interest raises concerns about the quality of the data provided, which is(More)