John Pickering

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A key problem for crowd-sourcing systems is motivating contributions from participants and ensuring the quality of these contributions. Games have been suggested as a motivational approach to encourage contribution, but attracting participation through game play rather than scientific interest raises concerns about the quality of the data provided, which is(More)
Neck posture and head movements were measured in four rescue stretchers: the Neil Robertson stretcher, which has been in service in the Royal Navy for almost 100 years, and three potential replacements. A repeated measures laboratory study was carried out to quantify neck posture and head movements while subjects reclined in the stretchers. Stretchers were(More)
—A new dc current reference standard has been developed for high-current power converter calibration in the large hadron collider (LHC) project at the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN). This standard provides a near ideal 10-mA dc current with long-term drift of one part in 10 6 per year. The paper describes the requirements and the detailed(More)
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