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Through adulthood, the rodent subventricular zone (SVZ) stem cell niche generates new olfactory bulb interneurons. We had previously reported that the number of new neurons produced in the SVZ declines through aging; however, age-related changes attributable specifically to the SVZ neural stem cell (NSC) population have not been fully characterized. Here,(More)
Age-associated ventriculomegaly is typically attributed to neurodegeneration; however, additional factors might initiate or contribute to progressive ventricular expansion. By directly linking postmortem human MRI sequences with histological features of periventricular tissue, we show that substantial lateral ventricle surface gliosis is associated with(More)
PURPOSE The (pro)renin receptor ((P)RR) is receptor that has been shown to be involved in developmental processes. Adult neurogenesis shares many similarities with fetal and embryonic neuronal development, but is restricted to some brain areas, including the hippocampus. We therefore investigated the expression of the (P)RR within the adult hippocampal(More)
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